100% Intel CPUs

All of our servers have last generation Intel Xeon processors.

SSD Drives

All of our Cloud Servers have last generation SSD Drives.

Unlimited OS

You can install any operating system you want on the Cloud servers you purchase

Full Root Access

You have root access on all Cloud servers,you have full authorization.

24/7 Full Control

You can manage all the Cloud servers you purchase without any problem.

No agreement!

You can cancel the cloud server you purchase from VPSArena anytime you want.

99% Uptime

VPSArena, guarantees %99 uptime at all locations.

10Gbit Network

VPSArena has minimum 2x10Gbit Network Speed at all locations.

Tier III Compliant

All of our datacenters have Tier III Certificate.


You can increase or decrease source limits of your clouds within the limits defined for you.

Power On/Off Reboot

You can shut down,start and restart your servers from your panel anytime you want.


You can reinstall your cloud server anytime you want by choosing the operating system.

Manage IP

Your will have option to assign IP addresses from his pool of resources to his cloud servers

Manage Network

Your will have option to attach/detach network interfaces to his Cloud Servers.

Firewall Rules

Each Cloud Server created by customer can have its own Firewall, managed from billing portal.

Activate in seconds.

Cloud servers you purchased in VPSArena get ready to use within seconds. You don't have to wait for minutes or hours.

100% Intel Xeon CPU

We use the latest generation and most stable intel xeon processors on all our node servers, controller servers and storage servers.

SSD Disk Drives

All of our storage infrastructure consists of ssd discs. SSD Disk drives are the fastest write and readable disk drives.

Unlimited OS

Linux, Windows You can install all current and stable operating systems from your control panel with one click.

Full Root Access

All virtual servers are granted root privileges. As you like, you can do things like control panels, script installations, and so on.

24/7 Full Control

You can power on and power off the virtual server you purchased whenever you want, reinstall it and manage it as you want from the console.

Advanced Control Panel

Thanks to the advanced control panel, you can do any kind of operation related to your virtual server and manage it as desired.

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